Friday, May 15, 2009

Neighbors helping Neighbors

After nine years with a small national non-profit, I had hit the advocacy wall.

Still I was left with the desire to continue working in the non-profit arena but more on a local level. Saw an ad for a position with AMEN, applied and lucky for me, I was hired! Although here only a little over two months, I absolutely LOVE the mission and heart of this organization.

With only 3 part-time employees, a huge part of the daily work is done by tireless volunteers. Donations are generated through grants and generous folks who mostly live in Arlington; neighbors helping neighbors!

Knowing AMEN funds are helping Arlingtonians with such essentials as housing expenses, medical needs, transportation, etc., makes coming to work a feel good experience because I know that each day someone in my county is being helped during their time of need. Now that is what I call instant gratification!

Thanks, neighbors, for helping to keep families together, lights on, and prescriptions filled!

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