Monday, July 13, 2009

Keeping cool this summer!

Summer 2009 is gently unfolding and the weather for the DC area has been quite pleasant. May and early June were cool and wet. The low humidity is very unusual; as is being able to have doors and windows up for cool breezy evening. But those days are ending as July kicks in. Temps are going up and living without air conditioning would not be so pleasant, especially in if you happen to live in an apartment!

AMEN's Energy Share program is now available year round. Until this year, monies (through Dominion VA Power which comes from funds donated by their customers when they check that little box on their bill and send in extra dollars to help with utility assistance for those in need) were only allotted for winter heating. Now the funding has been extended to help with summer air conditioning.

Some may argue that air condition is not really all that necessary. In fact people have lived centuries without that "luxury" many will comment. Or something along the lines of 'Why when I was a kid, we made fans out of paper, walk down to the stream, and cooled our feet." Or "We didn't have any a/c and we survived just fine"! These statements are true but times have changed and for many people, the elderly, infants, people with heart conditions, asthma, auto immune disease, etc., doing without a/c could be life threatening or fatal. When the air quality index (which wasn't around when I was a kid) hits the high orange or red range, it is advised that for people with conditions like those above, stay in and stay cool.

AMEN is excited to be able to help our Arlington neighbors through the summer months. But the Energy Share Fund last only as long as there are funds being donated. When the funds run out, no checks will be written to cover utilities for the rest of the summer.
If you would like to donate to AMEN, you can do so on line at or mail a donation to P.O. Box 7429, Arlington, VA 22207.

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